Onto the podium

In order to celebrate Red Bull’s fantastic 2010 season, I decided to help pay the drivers’ wages. I have never had Red Bull before, but now is the time to try. Hey, looks like the advertising is working! I bought a 4-pack of Red Bull from Sainsbury’s for £3, as it was cheaper. On each can, I have written the circumstances behind which I will be able to drink what is inside.


Can one: Constructor’s Championship Actually, now I think about it, maybe the apostrophe should be after the s. Anyway, since this has already been won by Red Bull, I will be taking this can today.

Can two: Winning in Abu Dhabi If Vettel or Webber win the race tomorrow, I will drink this can of Red Bull.

Can three: Driver’s Championship Again, this may be a misplaced apostrophe. Sorry all you grammar freaks. I am actually one of you, which makes this worse. I believe this is the least likely can for me to drink. If a Red Bull driver wins the championship tomorrow, I will drink this one on Monday.

Can four: Christian Horner’s Birthday He will be 37 on Tuesday. And as he was born in the same hospital as me (albeit several years before), and still is a Warwickshire man, I will celebrate a bit. This will definitely be consumed.

Any cans left will have to stick around until next year. The best-before date is in 2012, so I’m not worried.


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