F1 Birthdays: 23/11/2010

Today is the second November birthday I have on my list. It’s for Mercedes GP’s team principal Ross Brawn. Happy birthday!

Ross Brawn is one of many British motor racing people, and he’s been more involved than most. After TP-ing Honda for 2008, he rescued the team after their collapse by buying it himself! He rescued Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello from losing their F1 careers, and formed Brawn GP.
Brawn were not a typical F1 team. For a start, they had a fantastic debut season. Their car was competitive with Ferrari, McLaren and the up-and-coming Red Bulls. In the end, they clinched the drivers and constructors championships. This just doesn’t happen for new teams.
Mercedes were so impressed, they decided to stop hiding in the background with McLaren, and bought the team from Ross Brawn, keeping him on as TP. Both drivers left, and two new guys came in – Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg. Their 2010 season started well, though Rosberg had a better time with the car, and they came fourth in the championship.
This success is testimony to how awesome Ross Brawn is. I hope his team can continue to do well next year, and maybe have a better time of it through the whole season, getting a few more podiums. Hopefully, Schumacher will get on better with the car too.


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