Mark Webber is crazy

Mark Webber truly is crazy – driving with a broken shoulder! Does the Drivers’ Championship really mean so much to him that he’s prepared to drive injured? Well, it appears so. He drove the last four races of the season with a broken shoulder after a bike accident, as he revealed in his new book. Only his physio and the F1 chief medical officer knew about it.
To be fair, at this point in the season he was leading the championship. So the four affected races, which he had a tough time for, were Japan, Korea, Brazil and Abu Dhabi.

Japan: he was lucky that he got a break on the Saturday afternoon when qualifying was called off because of rain. He came second in the race – behind Sebastian Vettel – and the two Red Bull drivers were ahead of the others, though not as much as they were for most of the season. However, Webber did set the fastest lap, and maintained his lead in the championship: 14 points ahead of Vettel.
Korea: a bad race for Webber, he crashed out in horrendous rain and took Nico Rosberg with him. Alonso won the race, and the Aussie was demoted to second in the championship by 11 points.
Brazil: a much better race. Both Red Bulls finished well ahead, mainly thanks to Nico Hulkenberg holding up Alonso. Webber and Vettel had both got by without trouble. The safety car for Liuzzi’s crash added to their lead. So Webber was still second in the championship, with only 8 points difference on Alonso.
Abu Dhabi: an unfortunate need for an early tyre chance put Webber far back in the field, and he was unable to recoup his position or even challenge Alonso. He finished third in the championship, 14 points behind his teammate, and 10 behind Vettel.

To be fair to Mark, he drove well in the last four races. The BBC are being completely unfair to him in saying he had a dip in form. His problems were caused by errors, yes, but he also had two good races as well. The conditions in Korea were terrible, and in Abu Dhabi he was forced into a pit stop to change his tyres early. And now we know he was driving with a bad shoulder too, I’d have to say he was driving very well indeed.


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