F1 Birthdays: 7/12/2010

Today is Robert Kubica‘s 26th birthday. Happy birthday! He is the first ever Polish racing driver in F1, and he’s not bad either! So far, he is Renault’s only confirmed driver for 2011. In 2010, he and Nico Rosberg were the only two non-Red Bull, McLaren or Ferrari drivers to get a podium. He finished eighth overall – a mere 8 points behind Rosberg.

His name is probably the worst-pronounced in the whole of F1, with most of his fellow drivers (particularly Lewis Hamilton) getting it wrong! It’s ‘ku-bitz-a’, not ‘ku-bee-ka’. Considering the drivers are known by their surnames, they really ought to get it right. All the commentators do.

His 2010 season started particularly well, and he came close to getting pole position in Monaco as he set faster and faster laps. Instead, he started second between Webber and Vettel. If it hadn’t been for Petrov’s less-good performance, Renault could have easily been competing for the constructors’ championship back then. And they even looked like they could win the drivers’ championship. Sadly it wasn’t to be, but he battled well against Massa and Rosberg for that elusive sixth place.
Though he’s only ever had one race victory – in Canada in 2008 – he’s had 12 podiums overall, including three in 2010. He should continue to do well in 2011 if Renault can get a good car together. Whoever his fellow driver is – Petrov or otherwise – Robert Kubica should put in a good showing.


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