News: FIA regulations 2011-13

The FIA made some decisions today in Monaco. There’s some shiny new regs for 2011, 2012 and 2013 set to be released. Most significantly, perhaps, is the deletion of article 39.1: “Team orders which interfere with a race result are prohibited”. However, the international sporting code does come into F1, and if team orders are given that bring the sport into disripute (such as the Alonso-Massa incident in Germany), they will be dealt with.
Other changes include:

  • “Amendments to the list of penalties Stewards are permitted to apply” – can’t wait to see this one, but it will probably be relating to the upper-limit of a fine.
  • “The introduction of a regulation permitting the Race Director to close the pit lane during a race for safety reasons” – practical and useful.
  • “Penalties to be applied to any driver who fails to use both specification of dry weather tyre during the race” – although this never happened during 2010, many teams came close as they waited until very late in the race to change tyre.
  • “An amendment requiring gearboxes to be used for five consecutive races, instead of four” – in other words, teams should theoretically only use 4 gearboxes through the season.
  • And a bunch of fairly technical regulations about the moveable rear wings and other things.

The three ammendments to the 2012 regulations (which will probably be ammended again at the end of next season, are that “team communications will be made available to broadcasters”, “the inclusion of fuel compounds produced from biomass” (F1 trying to go green), and “a limitation on suspension uprights”.

The 2013 ammendements are to do with the engine, and improving sustainability. We may yet see Audi engines in F1 in two seasons’ time.

For the full list of changes, see the FIA’s news release


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