News: FIA Regulations part 2

Here’s the second part of my thoughts on the 2011 sporting regulations. I’ve been comparing them with the 2010 regs, and some of the changes are merely to do with wording. Interestingly, however, one change is the addition of ‘2011’ to the title! For 2010, there wasn’t a year in the title.
Quite a few of the regulation changes are merely an aesthetic re-wording of certain passages. Other changes are clarifying and specifying the rules so that they are more easily enforcable.

Another response to the 2010 season is an addition to the pit lane rules.

23.1 d) Unless a car is pushed from the grid at any time during the start procedure, cars may only be driven from the team’s designated garage area to the end of the pit lane. Any car(s) driven to the end of the pit lane prior to the start or re-start of a practice session, or any
car(s) required to stop at the pit exit during a safety car period, must form up in a line in the fast lane and leave in the order they got there unless another car is unduly delayed.

j) It is the responsibility of the competitor to release his car after a pit stop only when it is safe to do so.
The competitor must also provide a means of clearly establishing, when being viewed from the front of the car, when that car was released.
23.2 Under exceptional circumstances the race director may ask for the pit entry to be closed during the race for safety reasons. At such times drivers may only enter the pit lane in order for essential and entirely evident repairs to be carried out to the car.

Part d is due to the queues of cars at the start of the practice sessions and during qualifying and safety cars leaping each other and pushing in. A good change. The adjustment to part j is related to several pit lane incidents that caused cars to crash. Section 23.2 is obvious.

Next, the tyre rules have been adjusted. Besides Pirelli being the tyre supplier for the next three seasons…

25.4 Use of tyres:
Tyres will only be deemed to have been used once the car’s timing transponder has shown that it has left
the pit lane.

e) Unless he has used intermediate or wet-weather tyres during the race, each driver must use at least one set of each specification of dry-weather tyres during the race. If the race is suspended and cannot be re-started, thirty seconds will be added to the elapsed time of any driver who was unable to use both specifications of dry-weather tyre during the race. However, any driver who completes the race without using both specifications of dry-weather tyre will be excluded from the race results.

The first part is fairly obvious. The second addition is probably to stop people ‘doing a Kobayashi’ and running until almost the end of the race before changing tyres, just in case something happens. Not that we did have any problems with this in 2010, but it’s useful to have a specific penalty given.

Tomorrow is part three, which should be shorter.


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