F1 Birthdays: 3/1/2011

It’s 2011, and we already have our first birthday! It’s Michael Schumacher, and really, I don’t need to tell you about him. His accomplishments are many and outshine every other F1 driver in the world (although he’s not usually regarded as the best driver).
Seven world championships: two with Benetton in 1994 and 1995, and five with Ferrari from 2000-2004. He dominated F1 for so long, I can’t remember any moment in my life when he hasn’t been part of F1 except for his 2007-2009 retirement period. Well, I’m only 22. Really, I’m not so surprised that he returned to F1 after seeing Rubens Barrichello continue and do so well in 2009.
He might not have done so well in an F1 car over the past year, and his performance didn’t reflect his ability, but he did improve towards the end and would have been on course for some points in the final race if he hadn’t spun and had Tonio Liuzzi crash into him. In the end, he had 72 points. That’s somewhere in between Robert Kubica and his old team mate Rubens Barrichello. Despite sometimes driving rather recklessly, even Eddie Jordan changed his tune towards the German by the end of the season.
Today is this F1-superstar’s 42nd birthday. He’s the oldest driver on the circuit, and this next season will really show if he’s got what it takes and can still drive as he did when he was a youngster. He’s nowhere near as old as some of the oldest drivers in F1, who were in their fifties and still racing. That, however, was 50 years ago. Will he make it that far? We’ll see. Michael’s temporary retirement means that it’s Rubens who holds the record for the most races – he has 268 starts to Rubens’ 303 (269 entries to Rubens’ 307). If he wins another race, he’ll get into the ‘oldest winners’ top ten, and if he takes another pole position then he’ll get into the ‘oldest polesitter’ top ten as well.
If you take a look at Wikipedia’s list of F1 driver records then you’ll see just how many times his name crops up. Enjoy!


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