Renault academy drivers

Along with their new car, Renault also announced today their five reserve drivers/academy drivers. That’s a large amount, but it’s good news for one Bruno Senna who was looking like his F1 career was over almost before it had begun! He’s been picked up by Renault as the first candidate for a seat if it should become available, and may even get in a Friday session – but only if it won’t mess with Renault’s plans.
As well as Senna, we also have ex-Lotus Racing test driver Fairuz Fauzy, ex-Renault driver Romain Grosjean, and continuing test drivers Jan Charouz and Ho-Ping Tung. Fauzy, Grosjean and Tung are all in GP2, while Charouz is a Formula Renault 3.5 driver.
This choice will help with some of the antagonism towards Renault following the Group Lotus buyout; at least, it helps with mine. I like Bruno Senna – he’s a friendly young man – and I didn’t like how he was abandoned by Hispania. I hope that he has a good experience with Renault and that they can help him towards a good future in the sport.


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