Kubica’s replacement

Quick poll: who is most likely to get the Renault drive?
Poor old Robert Kubica has only been out for a day and a half, and already names are coming up for suggestion. I flicked around various Sport/F1 websites and polled up who the different writers think will get to drive in place of Kubica for Renault at least in the first part of 2011. Most places were being careful and only mentioned reserve drivers Senna and Grosjean, and so I didn’t count these articles. In the end, these results come from six locations. I gave each driver one point if they were mentioned, and two points if they were the writer’s preferred candidate.

Pedro De La Rosa – 2
Lucas Di Grassi – 1
Romain Grosjean – 4
Nico Hulkenberg – 7
Nick Heidfeld – 8
Christian Klien – 1
Tonio Liuzzi – 3
Kimi Raikkonen – 2
Bruno Senna – 5
Jarno Trulli (???) – 1

Jarno Trulli actually being suggested for this position confuses me immensely. Might as well suggest his teammate Heikki Kovalainen, who is also an ex-Renault driver, or Fernando Alonso! I’m rather surprised that Pedro De La Rosa and Tonio Liuzzi didn’t get suggested more. Admittedly, Tonio didn’t have a great 2010, but he is available.
So Nick Heidfeld comes in first with Nico Rosberg a close second so far.

(Sources: Autosport (pay to view), ESPNF1, Martin Williamson (ESPNF1), Andrew Benson (BBC), Sportinglife.com, The Globe and Mail)


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