More on Renault’s decision

Further to the post yesterday, here’s adding F1 Fanatic‘s thoughts. I gave one point to each of his main suggestions, and half a point to his outsiders.

David Coulthard – 0.5
Anthony Davidson – 1
Pedro De La Rosa – 3
Lucas Di Grassi – 1.5
Giancarlo Fisichella – 1
Romain Grosjean – 4.5
Nico Hulkenberg – 8
Nick Heidfeld – 9
Christian Klien – 1.5
Tonio Liuzzi – 4
Kimi Raikkonen – 3
Bruno Senna – 6
Jarno Trulli (???) – 1

Some odd suggestions, perhaps. F1 Fanatic has done a reasonable analysis of the good and bad points hiring each driver. But Nick Heidfeld is still in first place, with Nico Hulkenberg second. Meanwhile, both Liuzzi and the Hulk have said they’d be prepared to take the position if it was offered them, although it would leave Force India in a sticky situation if the Hulk left (though it would perhaps give Karun Chandhok a different option for where to go to test drive).

But it seems it has, in the end, come down to three: Senna, Heidfeld and Liuzzi are Renault’s choices according to Eric Bouiller. Senna, perhaps, is a surprising option, but he will be driving during the test session and have the chance to show his stuff. Liuzzi and Heidfeld, who are both free men and have plenty of experience, are more sensible choices though Tonio has faltered in Force India.


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