New Car for Hispania

Hispania Racing – who are now on Twitter, hooray (@HispaniaRacing)! – without any warning and very little fuss have revealed the first images of the new F111 today. I guess this counts as a launch, right? It does look very different to the 2010 car, but also not the same as any of the 2011 cars I have seen before, since it lacks the same distinctive nose. The livery was designed by Daniel Simon, whose work will be recognised by many sci-fi fans in such movies as the new Tron.
HRT have always been the black sheep of the new teams, and not particularly popular amongst F1 fans. I’ve supported them up and down over the year, but I’m a sucker for the little guy so I think I’ll always support them. But what do I think of the livery?
Well, it’s not black, which I like. The colours are white, black and red, rather like Sauber, but with rather less white. I like the use of the chequered flag over the back of the car; it says ‘we’re going to win’. It’s a shame, however, they they don’t have more sponsors. If I had the money, maybe I’d take the risk. Instead, their car is covered with ‘your logo here’ signs. If you look at the pics from Valencia testing, there aren’t many logos left on the 2010 car either.
Bodyworkwise, I have no idea what I’m supposed to be looking for, but I hope that Hispania’s aerodynamics guys have given it more than just the second it needed to catch up to Lotus and Virgin on last year’s times.


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