Pondering Pirellis

The new Pirellis are very different to the Bridgestones from what we’ve seen so far. Though they start off well, unless they’re managed carefully they seem to drop off after a couple of laps. If they are managed well, on the other hand, they can maintain the pace for quite a few laps. It looks like we’ll be seeing laptimes begin quickly before dropping off, and so pit strategy is key to getting the leap on another driver. On the other hand, drivers like Webber and Button might be able to manage the tyres better and hold the pace for longer, which will give them an advantage.
What I’m more concerned about is Canada, where even the Bridgestones struggled. Pirelli’s fast-degrading tyres could drop off even faster, and result in even more than the two or three pit stops we saw in 2010. That would be disappointing, but I’m hopeful that Pirelli will get things right.

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