Heidfeld vs Liuzzi

Rumours about that Robert Kubica would prefer Tonio Liuzzi to take his place at Renault rather than Nick Heidfeld. This is all hearsay, of course, and in the end it’s Eric Bouiller who will make the decision, but driver preference should probably be taken into account. On the one hand, Heidfeld has the experience and ability to take Kubica’s place, and has worked as Mercedes GP’s test driver, which is a similar ability car to the Renault. On the other, Liuzzi completed all of last season with Force India and earned more points than Heidfeld over five races at the end of the season (8 as opposed to 6). On the other hand, Heidfeld scored in two of those races and retired from one, while Liuzzi scored in one and retired in the other four.






Nick Heidfeld


130 (75.6%)


225 (20.5/season)

Tonio Liuzzi


43 (70.5%)


26 (5.2/season)

The numbers make Liuzzi look better, but remember that he drove for Toro Rosso for two seasons, with only a part-season at Red Bull before that, then in 2009 he moved into Force India after Fisichella moved to Ferrari to replace Massa, so 2010 was really his decider season. Compared to his teammates he’s never been brilliant. Adrian Sutil outmatched him for the majority of 2010, and before that he partnered Vettel. I’m not sure that Tonio has what it takes to compete in a Renault. Heidfeld, however, has proved himself against Kubica and in good cars, so he would be an ideal man to go in the Renault.


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