Pirelli’s tyre colours

Okay guys: orange, blue, red, yellow, white, silver. Six colours, which Pirelli will be using on their tyres over 2011. White and silver maybe aren’t so easy to tell apart, but it’s okay because they’re not going to be used in the same race; like Bridgestone, Pirelli will be leaving a gap between the compounds. Here’s the list:

Wet: orange
Intermediate: blue
Super-soft: red
Soft: yellow
Medium: white
Hard: grey

It’s certainly a lot more informative and interesting than the Bridgestone ‘put a green line on the softer tyre’ method. But to make it less hard to remember: yellow or red means soft, while white or silver means hard. Rain will be obvious anyway. In Melbourne, we’ll be seeing silver and yellow, as well as at Sepang and Shanghai.
I’m sure it won’t take too long to get used to this, although it may be confusing for casual fans who get stuck enough between soft and hard tyres and the difference between them. But for hard-core fans like myself, it adds another dimension, and will provide plenty of clues to who will be pitting when.

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