2011 F2 Season about to begin

A roar of engines will kick-start the 2011 Formula Two season at Silverstone this weekend. There will be 20 cars taking to the track.

As well as the drivers I have mentioned previously, F2 will feature Korean driver Sun-Hak Mun (age 20) who has had 2 podiums so far in their career and will be in car 30; Johannes Theobald of Germany (age 24) who has come 2nd in Formula Konig (2004) and German F3 (2006) in car 22; Julian Theobald the older brother (age 26) who came 1st in F3 Euroseries (2006 – he succeeded Paul di Resta there) in car 20; and Will Bratt of Britain who is 22 and won Euroseries 3000 in 2009, came third in British Formula Renault 2.0 in 2007, and 5th in F2 last season.

Updates to come in the tables.


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