F2 Practice 1 – Silverstone 2011

The Formula Two series got under way today at Silverstone on the Arena circuit layout – the same one that was used in the British Grand Prix last year – though I am not sure whether or not they were using the new pit complex. With five British drivers, they’ll be hoping for a good home race, and Jack Clarke – an expert at F2 having been in the reincarnated series since its return in 2009) – finished top of the timing sheets. Second, however, was rookie Ramón Piñeiro of Spain. So experience doesn’t count for everything!

There were two red flags – a brief one from rookie James Cole who managed to get going again and finished fifteenth – and one right at the end of the session from Johannes Theobald, who finished 14th. Johannes is the younger of the Theobald brothers, but finished far ahead of Julian, who was 24th.
A gap of only 3.230 seconds between first and 24th shows how close these drivers are. Of course, the cars are all the same build, and the drivers and their engineers can only adjust certain things to get the best out of them. A lot of it is down to driver skill.
I’ve updated the championship and driver lists with the final two drivers. You’ll notice that Jose Luis Abadin is daringly running with the number 13 car. I don’t believe in superstition like that, so I would probably do the same thing. He finished 21st out of the 24 drivers.

Full times and information on each driver’s runs available here at formulatwo.com . More to come when I’ve looked at the data.


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