GP2 Colours

It occurs to me that I haven’t told you the team colours of the GP2 teams. I will add the information to the ‘GP2 Teams’ page, and also do the same for the ‘GP3 Teams’ page.

Rapax are white with black and red.
Addax are all-white, like their GP3 team.
Lotus ART are green and yellow.
Racing Engineering are red with yellow because they’re Spanish.
iSport are blue with some red.
DAMS are yellow and black with red front and rear wings (like the 2010 Renault F1).
Arden are red with white and streaks of blue.
Super Nova are all-blue. A bit darker than iSport’s blue.
Coloni are red and white. More white than Arden.
Trident are blue, with red and white. They look a bit like a Williams.
Ocean Racing are light blue and black. Their car looks awesome.
Carlin are another blue team. They have some silver and red on their car.
AirAsia are the third team to run in red and white. They have a lot more white than either Arden or Coloni.

I know this is confusing. At first glance, it is hard to tell the difference between some of these teams. But it should still be easier than guessing between a Toro Rosso and a Red Bull! Each of the teams has a profile on the GP2 series website if you want a better look.


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