Life and death – Robert Kubica

Jesus is risen! And Robert Kubica is discharged from hospital. I have spent 2 weeks in hospital, and I can’t begin to imagine what 11 must have been like. I am sure he is overjoyed to be free to go home for a bit. Later he’ll be off to Italy to begin rehabilitation. It will be another four months before we can know whether or not he will be able to return to F1 or not.

So it’s a happy Easter Sunday for Robert. Hopefully when he is recovered enough we will see him back on track, although it can’t be easy seeing everyone else driving when he’s unable to. This is incredible good news.

Death hovers right at the edge of motorsport, and Robert Kubica was fortunate to miss it. In the last few years we’ve seen Liuzzi almost take Schumacher’s head off, Barrichello almost get shoved in a wall by Schumacher, some crazy crashes from various drivers, and of course Massa’s coma from the coil that flew off Barrichello’s car. There hasn’t been a death for nearly 17 years in F1, and the way drivers can mostly get out of their cars after these accidents is incredible. But these guys live on the edge every time they race. Just living is a deadly activity. And even if you avoid death by racing, it will find you one day. Mortality is 100% except for one man who lived 2000 years ago in Israel.

I’m not gonna use this blog to preach. But I do encourage you to think about what happens when you die. Because I do believe that in the great constructor’s championship of life, there’s only one winning team.


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