My prediction-ability

Ah yes, I almost forgot to tell you how I’m getting on with my fantasy league participation.

First up, Badger GP. I scored 90 points this weekend: 21 from Alonso, and 43 from Red Bull, with one correct prediction (pole position) giving me 25 points, and one point from Sauber. This gives me 164 overall. Unfortunately, Paul di Resta had to stop and Kovalainen had hydraulics problems. I am about half-way down the championship table. But in the ‘friends of fake f1’ championship I am leading.

In f1predictions I had my best week ever in the RBR system, having predicted Vettel for pole. I got 133 points overall, which gives me a total of 508 points. I’m a fair way down that table. In WC, however, I have a magnificent rolling total of 941 points. This is enough to put me in the lead. Despite the fact that each point in the second set is worth 3/4 of the first set, I have 417 points from them: 80% of the points I am getting from set one. Kobayashi is my favourite drive, being 10th in the championship as I predicted.

So I am not doing too badly, and I’m looking forward to the next race to see what happens then.


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