Formula 2 race 4

For some reason F2 qualifying 2 always seems to take place right before I need to leave on a Sunday. Anyway, in qualifying today the front row again turned out to be Brundle and Zanella. In this case, however, it was Zanella who took pole. There were 0.057s between the two drivers. Alex Brundle is looking like a serious competitor for the championship. Hopefully, Silverstone will be his only problematic race this season. Bratt and Lancaster were the other two Brits in the top 10, taking P7 and P8, with Clarke in P11.
The front row remained that way throughout the race. Lancaster, Bratt and Clarke all finished in the top 10, with Ramon Pineiro falling backwards to finish 9th. Zanella now leads the championship, with Bortolotti maintaining second. Brundle has pushed his way from 24th to 5th in two days. The young British driver has definitely put Silverstone behind him.
Next F2 race is Spa, 24th-26th June, which is the same weekend as the European Grand Prix in Valencia.

In GP3 news, according to Autosport magazine “Andrea Caldarelli has quit GP3 and will race with Formula Nippon instead.” This is confirmed by Italia Racing and Formula Nippon, where it can be seen that he is listed amongst the drivers. Indeed he has been driving in the series this weekend. It seems a strange move to me, because he is currently second in the GP3 championship. So Tech 1 could be looking for a new driver.

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