Virgin take on GP3 Adrian

In GP3/F1 news, Adrian Quaife-Hobbs had great fun doing an aero test for Virgin in Spain at the weekend. The British driver was a natural choice for the team as he is competing for Manor Racing in GP3 for the second season in a row. Last year he finished fifteenth with 10 points, having had one podium and two fifth-place finishes in an otherwise quiet year. Currently he is 19th in the 2011 championship.

Now, all the teams for the three series are preparing to head out to Barcelona. Well, except for Hispania. They’re already there! They’ve put a picture on their Facebook wall of the empty garages waiting to be filled.

If you’re in the UK and for some reason you missed it, there was an RB6 and a T127 on Richard Hammond’s Engineering Connections last night. He was doing an episode on Formula One. The episode also features Mike Gascoyne, the Team Lotus technical director, and David Coulthard driving around Silverstone. The BBC clearly loves these teams more than any other. Anyway, you can check it out on iPlayer.


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