Tip: don’t speed under waved yellows

GP3 qualifying has begun badly for Dom Storey and Michael Christensen, and they aren’t even on the track yet! Dom Storey shares a similar fate to Jules Bianchi, having been given a 10-place grid penalty for speeding under waved yellows. Michael Christiensen receives two penalties for speeding in the pit lane, and starts from the back of the grid.

Jerome d’Ambrosio has joined Twitter. His username is @thereal_JDA, but despite this he has the same profile picture as @fakeDAmbrosio from fake f1. You should probably check out the fake f1 guys as well. @FakeFernando, @FakeVivian, @FakediRestaF1 and @FakkiKovalainen are probably a good place to start, or if you want to see everyone you can follow @fakeVivian/fakef1.
The FIA have announced that there will be two DRS zones in Canada and Valencia, following the use of single zones at every track so far. It appears that the technology to do so has only become available just before the last Grand Prix. There will only be a single detection zone, but two opportunities to overtake. It will be interesting to see how this works. If you overtake on the first zone, will you still be able to use your DRS on the second?

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