Monaco news

Construction of the pit and paddock is nearly complete in Monaco. Teams drove yesterday from Barcelona to Monaco, and have already set everything up. However, there was also a mad fire at Ste Devote corner (that’s the first one where Jenson Button went out early in the race last year), which means that tarmac is having to be relaid there tonight and tomorrow. So that could be interesting. It seems that it’s on the racing line and breaking point.
First comment I saw on this said “where’s Kovalainen when you need him?” He must be so frustrated with all the fire references by now!

The FIA are expected to agree on a rule that says if a driver gets three reprimands then he gets a 5-place grid penalty at the next race. Since drivers can get reprimands for being late for a PR event, they will have to be careful. At least this means reprimands mean something.

In NASCAR-land, Kimi Raikkonen has been having fun with trucks. Now he’s stepping up to the second tier of the series in the next race to try out some proper cars. Jaques Villeneue, another former F1 champion, also drives a few races in that series. But whether the two will ever compete… NASCAR is just going around in circles anyway.


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