Knife, bread, butter, jam…

It’s an all-British lineup for Carlin this weekend as Oliver Turvey takes the place of Mikhail Aleshin. The Russian driver was looking doubtful to drive for the whole season, and Turvey had replaced him in tests. After a poor showing in Barcelona after his injury at Istanbul, it made sense for Carlin to try a more experienced driver.
In 2009, Turvey came 4th with Carlin in FR 3.5, winning the race in Monaco. Last year he competed in GP2 with iSport, finishing 6th with several finishes on the podium, and he won the second Abu Dhabi GP2 Asia feature race in 2009-10, also coming sixth with iSport. In the 2011 GP2 Asia championship he finished 16th, with a best finish of 8th.

We will be seeing the super-soft tyres come out at Monaco for the first time. They will be red. As Martin Brundle said at the first race, the tyres are coloured silver, white, yellow and red or: knife, bread, butter and jam. So far we have seen the silver hard tyres and the yellow soft tyres. We will continue to see the butter yellow softs at Monaco, but they will become ‘primes’ while the super-softs are the options.
Monaco is a slow, low-downforce track so the tyres should wear less than at a high-downforce track like Barcelona. All the same, these tyres create a risk of another massive pit-stop race where Pirelli are looking for only 2 or 3 maximum.

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