FR 3.5 Qualifying Groups

Formula Renault 3.5 really know how to do qualifying at Monaco: split the drivers into two groups. This gives a slight advantage to the second group, as they know the time to beat, which means the first will have to drive their hearts out.
It has been arranged so that drivers holding an odd position in the championship order are in the first group, and drivers holding an even position go in the second group. This means that the Carlin drivers Jean-Eric Vergne and Robert Wickens in 1st and 3rd are in the same qualifying group along with Daniel Ricciardo. In fact, all but one of the race winners so far this year hold odd positions. The other race winner is Alex Rossi, who is in the second group as he holds P2 in the championship.

The groups are:
A: Vergne (Carlin), Wickens (Carlin), Korjus (Tech 1), Ricciardo (ISR), Panciatici (KMP), Ramos (Fortec), Zampieri (BVM), Canamasas (BVM), Berthon (ISR), Negrao (Draco), Pic (Tech 1), Rosenzweig (Mofaz) and de Jong (Comtec).

B: Rossi (Fortec), Costa (EPIC), Van der Drift (Mofaz), Move (P1), Hartley (Gravity-Charouz), Grubmuller (P1), Nebilitskiy (KMP), Richelmi (Draco), Charouz (Gravity-Charouz), Webb (Pons), Pentus (EPIC), McKenzie (Comtec) and Tambay (Pons)

Qualifying is first thing tomorrow morning.


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