A ‘quiet’ GP2 race

A relatively calm GP2 race saw a fire and a few retirements for mechanical reasons. It even saw a couple of overtakes! Coletti stalled off the line, but Charles Pic retained the lead with Josef Kral for Arden getting into second. Grosjean got up into third with Chilton fourth, Valsecchi fifth and Parente sixth. Five drivers were given penalties for jumping the start, including the two Racing Engineering drivers, which left Luca Filippi sixth.
Chilton was struggling, and Filippi jumped Valsecchi when the AirAsia driver went off at the chicane. He then overtook Chilton, who was also overtaken by Valsecchi to retain his fifth position. The fastest lap went to Romain Grosjean, who once again leads the championship on 23 points. He has equal points with Sam Bird. In third is Charles Pic with 22 points, and Valsecchi and van der Garde both have 21 points. It’s so close! But remember, Valsecchi only had 8 points before this weekend, so anything could happen. I’m waiting to see what happens with penalties, and then I’ll put the championship tables up.
It’s nice to see so many contenders. Some drivers, however, have been faced with a lot of bad luck: Jules Bianchi, for example, and also Luiz Razia. But this is going to hopefully be one of the closest GP2 championships ever. It looks even closer than last year’s F1 season!

With F1 running off to Canada, the next GP2 race is Valencia in four weeks time. I will be at home then, and hopefully watching in HD! Tomorrow, Formula Renault 3.5 and Formula One are racing. Perez will not be racing, as he’s being held in hospital overnight. The accident could have been a lot worse had Rosberg’s earlier accident not persuaded Charlie Whiting to remove the sleeping policemen at the chicane.


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