Hanging up the racing gloves

The Bahrain Grand Prix is now definitely not going ahead after organisers agreed that the calendar reshuffle was causing major problems for the teams. At least it wasn’t politically motivated, and we will probably see the Grand Prix return in nine months’ time in March 2012. So we’ll be sticking to the original calendar. This is a good result. Hopefully with India being in a different time zone, I will still be able to watch the Formula Two anyway, since the season finale is on that date.

Meanwhile, Sir Stirling Moss has – at the age of 81 – finally hung up his racing gloves for good. Moss, who was qualifying for the Le Mans Legends event this weekend, was not comfortable driving a Porsche RS61 in the event, and has decided that it’s time to stop. He’s had a great career:

  • 16 F1 Grands Prix wins
  • Three Monaco wins
  • Runner-up in the world championship four times
  • Came second twice at Le Mans
  • Won the Mille Miglia, the Targa Florio, the Sebring 12 hours
  • And much more…

He didn’t compete much in the first few years of Formula One, though he was an active racer and took on some events, but from 1955 he began competing more seriously and only missed out the Indy 500. From 1955-1958 he came second in the championship, and from 1959-1961 he came third before moving on from F1. He won the British Grand Prix twice in 1955 with Mercedes and 1957 with Vanwall. He also came second in 1959. He drove in various chassis including Cooper, Lotus, Maserati and Mercedes.


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