Yep, Jenson definitely won

Overnight, no change. Jenson Button keeps his victory. The collisions between Button and Hamilton, and Button and Alonso were both deemed to be ‘racing incidents’. Phew. It was Jenson’s 100th points finish and 10th race win, on the race after he got McLaren’s 10,000th lap leading the race.
I’m sure Sebastian Vettel is happy as well. He knows he made a mistake on the last lap, and while he might be disappointed with P2 after leading the whole race, nobody likes to be gifted victory when the leader is penalised.
As for Jenson, his race was compromised anyway through collisions and tyre changes and he ended up at the back of the pack at one point, so to come from that to first shows his skill and ability in these conditions. McLaren deserved the win for that. McLaren, scarily, have won three of the last four Canadian Grands Prix, with Coulthard taking the win for Red Bull in 2007. That remains Red Bull’s only win in Canada, though Vettel and Webber are the first Red Bull drivers to get on the podium apart from that race.
Hispania finished 13th with Liuzzi. Though I am a big Team Lotus fan and am disappointed that Kovalainen is now behind Liuzzi and D’Ambrosio in the championship, I am happy for my favourite team of all. They are once again ahead of Virgin. Liuzzi has one thirteenth-place finish and his fellow Italian Trulli has two. It’s a big, hopeful step up for the Spanish team. Maybe they’ll finally get some sponsors!

The 2011 Canadian Grand Prix was the longest race in Formula One history at 4:04:39.537 when Button crossed the line. It was even longer than the 1961 Indy 500, which counted for the championship though a lot of drivers didn’t bother racing in it. It is naturally a long race and lasted 3:36:11.36. That year’s Monaco GP was the longest race under F1 rules, and took 2:53:45.5. Both times blown out of the water. The race also wins the record for the most times a safety car was employed in a single race: six. This beats the 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix which had five.


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