F2 drivers in BF3

Looks like the Formula Two drivers are also getting into the replacement game. Russian Max Snegirev (15th with 2 points) is jumping into one of Hitech’s British F3 cars this weekend at Brands Hatch. He will replace Riki Christodoulou, a British driver who has been struggling for funding but is currently seventh in the championship with 51 points. It will just be a one-off for Snegirev, who drove in BF3 last year to finish 18th with a single point after 30 races.
BF3 is having a pre-race test this weekend, and Hitech will also be running a car for Miki Monras, a Spanish F2 driver who is third in the championship just 7 points off the leader. However, Monras will not be taking part in the race at the weekend.
Formula Two have also been having a long break, but their next race kicks off at Spa on the weekend of the European Grand Prix (which is terrible timing, I have to say).

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