Valencia snores, but King scores at Spa

I watched the start and the end of the race today. With the excitement we’ve had recently in F1, you’d think that means I’d miss crazy overtakes galore and a smash or two. But no. No smashes and few overtakes. This suggests to me that what you need for an exciting F1 race is not DRS or Pirelli. What you need is everyone driving a similar car. This was the case in the exciting GP2 and GP3 races this morning. Instead, we had Vettel winning from pole and setting the fastest lap along the way. Boring! Although Alonso did manage to get on the podium ahead of Webber.
I hear the F2 race at Spa was more exciting. Jordan King managed to get up to third at the start, but a mistake slid him down to seventh and he was eventually overtaken by Brundle in the final laps. But for a rookie F2 driver coming from Formula Renault, it’s a brilliant start! The winner was Mirko Bortolotti who led from pole. Second was Zanella and third yesterday’s winner Will Bratt after Hegewald went off the track at Les Combes.

In better news, although Jon Lancaster didn’t make it to race in Spa, he is alive and well. At least, he tweeted about the F1 race and posted a picture of the inside of a car. I’m not sure why he didn’t race but hopefully I’ll find out shortly. I was very worried when he disappeared and nobody said anything.

My brother and his family are visiting today so I haven’t got time to update all the tables until tomorrow. Hope you’re having a good weekend!

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