Toro Rojo? Hispania = Red Bull Three

Autosport and Red Bull confirm that Daniel Ricciardo will be driving for Hispania for the remainder of the season. Presumably this means that he won’t be driving a Toro Rosso in Friday Practice 1 any more. Meanwhile, Colin Kolles is stepping back from his current role at the Spanish team, and either team owner Jose Ramon Carabante or his son (also called Jose) are expecteed to become Team Principal.
Tonio Liuzzi is an ex-Red Bull, ex-Toro Rosso driver. So Hispania is basically a Red Bull team as well. I wonder if they’ll get any money from the deal? It probably helped them to say yes. I bet Alguesuari and Buemi are both glad they definitely won’t be replaced this season! But they will still have to drive well to make sure they’re not the ones being kicked out next year.
Team Lotus get their gearboxes from Red Bull. Hispania get their drivers. It will be interesting to see how the standings change with Red Bull’s own driver on the team. Maybe they’ll get that 12th place finish they dream of and beat Team Lotus. Maybe not. A driver can only make the car go so far. Team Lotuses are still much better than HRTs in normal conditions.

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