Silverstone, here I don’t come!

It’s British Grand Prix weekend coming up, and I could have gone! Force India even offered me tickets for free! But I already have commitments. This late on, an offer of tickets is not going to help me in any way. I need to know a lot further in advance so I can make arrangements. I am very disappointed, however. It is going to be an amazing weekend! I could have met all the drivers – and particularly the Force India guys. I would have liked to meet Paul di Resta as he’s from Edinburgh (sort of) and Nico Hulkenberg because he’s cute. Paul and Nico are around the same age as me too.

Anyway, what will be happening this weekend is – and I still can’t quite believe it – Daniel Ricciardo will be taking his debut F1 race for HRT. The Team Lotus livery is changing. It will now have GE and Caterham logos on it. It is also the first year that Renault is an English team, making the British GP their home race. It is also McLaren’s and Williams’ home race, and many other teams are also based in the UK – Force India are right across the street; Mercedes are just down the road in Brackley; Red Bull are in Milton Keynes; Team Lotus are in Norfolk; Virgin are in Yorkshire (but with a new Banbury base). Toro Rosso also have a small base in Banbury. So naturally, this is one of the most important races of the season. Paul Hembery, Pirelli motorsport director, is English, as is Bernie Ecclestone. The first Grand Prix ever took place at Silverstone. It is the heart of motor racing more than Spa or Monza; it is probably on the same level as Monaco.

So, here we go! Silverstone is gonna be brilliant!


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