Livery Change for AirAsia

In GP2, there are three teams with similar liveries: Arden, Coloni and AirAsia run in varying amounts of red and white: AirAsia having the most white. Meanwhile, Rapax run in white and black with some red, and there are other liveries that come in red or white. This can get confusing, particularly between Coloni and AirAsia.
So AirAsia have decided to change their livery. From Germany onwards, their cars will be green and yellow to match their sister team Team Lotus. There’s just one slight problem: Lotus ART also run in a very similar green and yellow livery. ART have a connection through Group Lotus. AirAsia’s comes through Team Lotus and Caterham. Both have a valid connection to the historic colours.
What happens next? It does make sense for the F1 team and GP2 team to run in the same livery. But will this cause too much confusion between the teams? How will ART react?
Comparison: new AirAsia chassis, ART’s car

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