GP3 drivers under more pressure

More big news for GP2 and GP3 today. GP3 has already proven itself to be a useful stepping stone to the GP2 series, with GP3 champion Esteban Gutierrez having already taken his first victory in the harder series. The series are organised by the same group, and both support the same F1 races (aside from Monaco, where the GP3 round was unable to take place because of lack of garage space). With the merger of GP2 and GP2 Asia, and the creation of the non-championship GP2 final at Abu Dhabi, this gives young drivers an opportunity to get into the new series as well as to race at Abu Dhabi.
Pirelli announced today a special prize for GP3 drivers who take part in the race. Any GP3 driver who participates in the race and finishes in the points (top 8 in feature, top 6 in sprint) has the chance of winning a cash prize from the tyre supplier. The top GP3 finisher will get 15,000 Euros, and the second GP3 finisher will get 10,000 Euros, assuming they finish in the points.

As if GP3 weren’t close enough this season, now the drivers will want to show off their skills even more to the GP2 teams. The GP2 teams, who will be competing themselves for a cash prize, will want to chose the best drivers. Of course, the drivers don’t just have to come from GP3. It’s likely that a few good F2 drivers might have a chance – Mirko Bortolotti most likely – as well as drivers from other series. Adam Carroll who previously competed in GP2 might want to return to give himself another go at reaching F1. But I don’t doubt we’ll see GP3’s Mitch Evans and Alex Sims in GP2 cars for the big race. I can’t wait!

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