FIA – whoops!

Blown diffusers. Engine mapping. Unexplained stewarding decisions. The FIA have not exactly endeared themselves to Formula One fans recently. Yesterday evening they seemed to be trying to alienate every fan on earth – because of a problem with the teams’ racing suits. The news was broken by Speed TV journalist Will Buxton on Twitter.

It seems that all the teams except Lotus, HRT and Virgin had a tiny problem with the suits. It seems almost trivial really. Instead of having a label sewn into the back of the collar of their suits to show they met FIA regulations, they had a transfer printed on. This, apparently, is illegal.
So with Lotus, HRT and Virgin the only teams actually legal to race, it looked for a while like we might end up with a repeat of Indianapolis 2005. And that would almost certainly mean victory for Heikki Kovalainen, assuming his Lotus held together.
The FIA appear to have found a solution to the problem, so we should see 12 teams racing this weekend. I suppose no German Grand Prix is complete without some controversy. But really, FIA, this takes the whole pack of biscuits!


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