Penalties in 2011 season

Lewis Hamilton really does see the stewards more than any other driver. This website gives details of every penalty given in each race weekend. And the results are:

  • Drive-through penalties: 17 handed out plus two stop-and-go in Silverstone and a stop-and-go to Sebastian Buemi in Malaysia for speeding in the pitlane (20 in total).
  • Speeding fines: 4 – two to Adrian Sutil in the same race weekend!
  • Other fines: Sauber for an unsafe release (Kobayashi); Toro Rosso for Alguersuari’s wheel.
  • Grid penalties: Buemi and D’Ambrosio each have had 5-place grid penalties. Buemi has been excluded from qualifying, and Hamilton had his best Q3 time removed in Monaco.
  • Reprimands and warnings: After qualifying in Australia, Schumacher, Hamilton and Rosberg were warned for impeding drivers. After a penalty-free Spanish Grand Prix, the stewards reprimanded Hamilton, Button, Webber and Alguersuari for possibly speeding under yellows.
  • DSQ and DNQ: Sauber DSQ in Australia. HRT DNQ in Australia.

So which driver comes out worse? Well it’s no “frickin'” joke that it’s Lewis Hamilton. Four drive-through penalties: once in Malaysia (too many moves to defend a position against Alonso – 20s added time), twice in Monaco (once after the Massa collision, once after the Maldonado collision which resulted in 20s added time), and once in Hungary for his spin causing di Resta to take evasive action.
Lewis has also received a pit lane speeding fine during Friday practice in Germany, his qualifying time was removed in Monaco after he cut a chicane, and he has also received a warning and a reprimand. That is in total 8 penalties, or seven if you discount the warning.
Considering the previous-best record for penalties in a season was 6, set by Lewis in 2008, this is perhaps a sign that the British driver needs to be careful.

There are some drivers who haven’t received a single penalty yet: Kovalainen, Massa, Petrov, Trulli, Glock and Vettel. Lotus are the only penalty-free team so far. McLaren have 12: Jenson also has four penalties, and no driver except the two McLaren boys have more than three. Is there an anti-McLaren bias? I think most of the penalties have been justified. Please comment on what you think.

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