Summer day 1 – Dominic Storey and Callum MacLeod

Dominic Storey – 33
Driving only in Turkey and Spain, Dominic Storey failed to finish most of the time and was quickly replaced at Addax by Tom Dillmann. The New Zealand driver has not competed in any series since leaving GP3.

Best qualifying: 18
Worst qualifing: 24
Best finish: 20
Worst finish: 27
Retirements: 3 (1 classified)

Callum MacLeod – 32
English driver Callum MacLeod (names can be deceiving) was Carlin’s GP3 test driver, and was drafted in by them after an injury to Daniel Morad. He is still getting used to the car, but his finish in the Hungarian sprint was enough to lift him above Storey in the rankings.

Best qualifying: 28
Worst qualifing: 28
Best finish: 18
Worst finish: 29
Retirements: 0


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