Summer day 3 – Jolyon Palmer and Julian Leal

Jolyon Palmer – 26
Jolyon Palmer, son of Jonathan Palmer, came to GP2 this season having finished runner-up in the 2010 F2 championship. He’s a member of Arden, but has so far struggled to get into the points. There are a lot of drivers who have barely finished outside the points, and with two 9th place finishes Jolyon is one of them. These have come in the Valencia feature race and the Istanbul sprint – neither of which were particularly bad at taking out drivers. On the other hand, he has also found himself struggling at the back of the pack in many races. He needs to improve his consistency in order to be able to challenge for points.

Best qualifying: 11 (Silverstone)
Worst qualifying: 22 (Barcelona, Nurburgring)
Best finish: 9th (Istanbul sprint, Valencia feature)
Worst finish: 22nd (Hungaroring feature)
Retirements: 3 (1 classified) and 1 non-classified finish

Julian Leal – 25
Italian-Columbian driver Julian Leal switched licenses mid-way through the season. Like Jolyon, he has managed two ninth-place finishes but also needs to work on his consistency. He drives for Rapax, who through Fabio Leimer have scored 10 points this season.

Best qualifying: 15 (Silverstone)
Worst qualifying: 26 (Barcelona – 5 place grid penalty)
Best finish: 9 (Valencia and Nurburgring sprints)
Worst finish: 22 (Silverstone feature)
Retirements: 4


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