Summer day 4 – Marlon Stockinger and Ivan Lukashevich

Marlon Stockinger – 27
Marlon is a bit of an unlucky driver. He’s usually one of the first to retire – which means he goes out in the first lap – but when he does stay in the race he finishes midfield. In the British Grand Prix, he had 30s added to his race time demoting him from 9th to 16th after he ignored waved yellow flags – although to be fair that was a serious offence.

Best qualifying: 17
Worst qualifing: 30
Best finish: 12 (Hungaroring feature)
Worst finish: 26 (Barcelona feature)
Retirements: 5

Ivan Lukashevich – 26
Russian Ivan partners Alex Sims and Antonio Felix da Costa at Status GP, and the trio seem to get on well if their Twitter interation is anything to go by. Lukashevich is not doing as well as his teammates, but he is slowly getting there. So far his results do not display consistency: he might finish 14th in the feature race then nearly last in the sprint. However, an 11th place finish in the Nurburgring feature was enough to get him 26th in the championship.

Best qualifying: 12
Worst qualifing: 24
Best finish: 11 (Nurburgring feature)
Worst finish: 28 (Hungaroring feature)
Retirements: 2


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