Summer day 6 – Simon Trummer and Maxim Zimin

Simon Trummer – 23
Driving for Arden International, Swiss driver Simon showed lots of promise in pre- and mid-season testing. Points could have been on the cards for him. But in comparison to Lewis Williamson and Mitch Evans his teammates, he is struggling. He’s only had one bad qualifying, and usually finishes fairly close to the points.

Best qualifying: 10
Worst qualifing: 27
Best finish: 9 (Nurburgring feature)
Worst finish: 27 (Barcelona feature)
Retirements: 3 (1 classified)

Maxim Zimin – 22
Maxim is a Russian with potential, but until the Hungaroring sprint race his results had been pretty rubbish as he languished at the bottom of the standings. In treacherous conditions, he managed to hold on to the car and finish 8th – much better than his previous-best finish of 15th.
But Maxim has also had some very bad races, particularly in Silverstone where his dangerous driving saw him disqualified from the feature race and excluded from the sprint.

Best qualifying: 13
Worst qualifing: 27
Best finish: 8 (Hunagroring sprint)
Worst finish: 23 (Istanbul feature)
Retirements: 2


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