F2 Birthdays: 7/8/2011

Alex Brundle, the son of British F1 Commentator and former F1 driver Martin Brundle, celebrates his 21st birthday today. A racing driver himself, he currently participates in Formula Two.

In 2006, Alex began his open-wheel career, moving into Formula Palmer Audi from T Cars – both series run by Jonathan Palmer. He took part in the Autumn Trophy and finished 21st.
The next year he took part in the main series and finished 11th, then 8th in the Autumn Trophy. On the rise, he took part in the main series in 2008 and got three podiums and his first pole position. He came sixth.
With the revival of F2, Alex joined in the 2009 season but struggled. He gained only five points (under the old 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 system) to finish 19th. So the next year he switched to British F3. He got 11 points and finished 17th.
This year, Alex returned to F2 fresher and hoping for better. He has been a good qualifier, but has been hit with problems in his home races with punctures and mechanical problems. His best weekend was at Magny-Cours when he secured his first F2 pole position and finished on the podium in both races. He has 59 points and is eighth in the championship.
Still to secure his first win in open-wheel racing, Alex is likely to race with his dad in endurance racing next year. But it all depends on how the rest of the season goes. Certainly he has plenty of other driving opportunities even if they take him away from where Martin went. But you don’t always have to follow in your parent’s footsteps. Good luck to him.

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