Summer day 12 – Antonio Felix da Costa

Antonio Felix da Costa – 16
AFDC is coincidentally the second Portuguese driver today, since he and Alvaro Parente are both 16th in their championships. Antonio is just one of the many strong drivers in GP3 this season, and of course that makes it hard to pick up points. He picked up his first this season in both races as Istanbul, coming fifth and then maintaining the fourth place from the reversed grid. Since then, his results have dipped, but Hungary was a return to form as he came sixth in the Hungarian sprint, taking another point for his tally. His best qualifying was at the Nurburgring when he was second on the grid, but when the rain came down he couldn’t keep it together on the slicks and he finished 28th in the end – I am not sure whether he stuck with slicks or changed to wets. In the second race he retired.

Points: 8
Best qualifying: 2
Worst qualifing: 27
Best finish: 4 (Istanbul sprint)
Worst finish: 28 (Nurburgring feature)
Retirements: 2

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