Summer day 13 – Tamas Pal Kiss

Tamas Pal Kiss – 15
One of the ten race winners in GP3 this season, Tamas emulated Fabio Leimer by coming eighth then first at Barcelona. But unlike Fabio, his results haven’t been as consistent – he has finished 20th twice and also picked up some other low scores. And also unlike Fabio, he has picked up points at another round. Tamas came eighth then fourth at the Nurburgring.
Hungarian Tamas had a reasonable first race at his home track, finishing tenth, but the second race was not so good and he finished 20th. His best qualifying of the year was at Barcelona when he started 7th, but mostly he has been in the middle-bottom of the back.

Points: 11
Best qualifying: 7
Worst qualifing: 24
Best finish: 1 (Barcelona sprint)
Worst finish: 20 (Silverstone and Hungaroring sprints)
Retirements: 1


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