Summer day 16 – Adrian Sutil

Adrian Sutil – 12
After pre-season testing, the Force India looked like being one of the weakest cars on the track. It didn’t seem to have improved at all since 2010, and seemed likely to be stuck behind the Toro Rossos and Saubers. This was pretty-much the case in Australia, when both Force Indias picked up points only thanks to the Saubers’ disqualification, but since then they have made some major improvements to now stand seventh overall.
Adrian hasn’t had an easy year, what with the ‘glassing’ incident causing people to question his future. But he’s done well on track. With the car’s improvements, he has gone from risking going out in Q1, to challenging for Q3. So far he has succeeded three times – qualifying tenth in Valencia before taking eighth in the last two races.
Race-wise, the Force India has done well at a number of tracks, and with its natural strength being at Monza (there Fisichella score the team’s first pole, points and podium in the same race) there should be more points to come. Like his teammate, retirements have been limited to a problem in Canada.
One of his best races this year was at the Nurburgring when he finished 6th, though his 7th place at Monaco was resoundingly applauded as well. He failed to score in Hungary after getting stuck behind Heikki Kovalainen for the majority of the race.

Points: 18
Worst qualifying: 17
Best qualifying: 8
Worst finish: 15 (China)
Best finish: 6 (Germany)
Average difference: 0.82
Laps completed: 652/681 (96%)
Average race position: 11.49 (Best: 6.4 Germany; Worst: 16.3 Spain)

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