Summer day 17 – Dean Smith

Dean Smith – 11
British racing driver Dean began the season well, quickly picking up points. But at the Nurburgring and Hungaroring he was off the pace not only on track but also in qualifying (he was also off-pace in Silverstone qualifying, but the unusual race start played into his hands). He came 9th in the first race of the season, then had a run of four points finishes including a podium in the Barcelona Sprint race. At Silverstone, having finished 8th in the feature race to take pole for the sprint, he finished second alongside fellow Brits Lewis Williamson and Alex Sims.
It’s tight at the top, and there are only 22 points between Dean and the championship leader. On the other hand, there are also nine drivers between Dean and the leader. He needs to return to form for the remaining two rounds though.

Points: 18
Best qualifying: 2
Worst qualifing: 25
Best finish: 2 (Silverstone sprint)
Worst finish: 24 (Germany and Hungary sprints)
Retirements: 1


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