Summer day 17 – Luiz Razia

Luiz Razia – 11
It’s a brave step to join a team that has only one year of racing experience in total. Team AirAsia came in new for 2011 along with Carlin, but have definitely impressed more than the British team. Despite many seasons in different series, Carlin haven’t had the best first GP2 season. AirAsia, however, have shone.
And they began well, taking a podium in their first GP2 Asia race, though Luiz was beset with trouble in that series. For the main series, however, he took points by coming sixth in his first race this season. It was an excellent start, but in the sprint race that followed neither driver picked up points. In the four races that followed, he was beset with three retirements and a disqualification. Misery, while his teammate was grabbing points and a win at Monaco.
Then came the Valencia race, and both drivers were on form. Luiz took the second of their two podiums in the round, with his teammate just missing out.
Strategy went wrong in Silverstone and Germany, but at Hungary it was again time for Luiz to shine. The weather and a spin for Adam Carroll sealed Luiz’s pole when Luca Filippi was challenging, and the Brazilian took the first pole position for himself and for his team. He struggled off the line in the feature race but came home third, and was seventh in the sprint.

Points: 19
Best qualifying: 1
Worst qualifying: 20
Best finish: 2 (Valencia sprint)
Worst finish: 18 (Istanbul sprint)
Retirements: 4

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