Summer day 18 – Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher – 10
After a troubled first season back with Mercedes, people were hoping for better from Michael Schumacher this year. And he’s had his sparks, but frankly he is known more for damaging his front wing on the back of Petrov’s car, which he has done in multiple races. Nobody can doubt that Schumacher is a great driver. But really I am not sure returning to F1 was such a good idea. He should have left us on a high.
This season, it took Michael four races to get the Mercedes into Q3 when he placed himself 8th at the Turkish Grand Prix. Since then, he’s only missed out once – at Silverstone. And in terms of beating his teammate, he did put the number 7 Mercedes ahead in Monaco. Of course, the Monaco GP didn’t work out brilliantly for him as he was forced to park up at Rascasse – again. His best race of the year came at Montreal, when he was running for a podium position right up until the final laps of the race when he was overtaken by Webber. The old Michael was shining through.
Since then, he’s had another couple of points finishes, but not shown as much potential as he did in Canada. I hope we get to see one season of brilliant Schumi before he re-retires. He is a good driver, but I don’t think he’s coping as well with the Merc as his teammate. On equal points with Petrov, and only two points behind Heidfeld, he still has a chance to finish higher in the championship.

Points: 32
Worst qualifying: 14
Best qualifying: 5
Worst finish: 17 (Valencia)
Best finish: 4 (Canada)
Average difference: -2.64
Laps completed: 549/681 (81%)
Average race position: 10.34 (Best: 6.4 Spain and Canada; Worst: 20.0 Australia)


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