Summer day 21 – Luca Filippi

Luca Filippi – 7
By far the most experienced driver in GP2, the only season Luca has not driven in was 2005. But he had a slow start to the season, not picking up any points until he came third at Monaco in the feature race, then fourth in the sprint. After that, performance dropped again for the driver at Super Nova.
With Coloni’s Kevin Ceccon deciding to focus on Auto GP – a championship he is now winning ahead of Luca – the Italian moved to the Scuderia for the German and Hungarian rounds. That first race in Germany marked not only a turning point in his season, but also his 100th race and another win. Not only that, but he also took the fastest lap. He followed it up with another podium finish in the sprint. At Hungary, he came sixth with the fastest lap in the feature race, but ended up retiring from the sprint. All the same, the Scuderia Coloni races have been far more profitable than the Super Nova ones, and he has earned 19 points in those four. He also qualified well for them, starting second in both feature races.

Points: 28
Best qualifying: 2
Worst qualifying: 17
Best finish: 1 (Nurburgring feature)
Worst finish: 15 (Valencia sprint)
Retirements: 5


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