Summer day 24 – Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso – 4
In the tense battle for second place, next up is Fernando Alonso. He came very close to winning the 2010 world championship, but a Renault got in his way. In Australia the same thing happened, with Vitaly Petrov able to get third before a charging Fernando could catch up to him. But this was really Ferrari’s best hope of a podium in the first part of the season; the Spaniard’s results in Malaysia and China were not fantastic.
Then came the Turkish Grand Prix and a change of fortune. The fantastic track played into the hands of Ferrari and they took their first podium this season. Spain was a bit of a blip and Fernando came third. Monaco was an important race for Fernando. He and Jenson Button were close behind Sebastian Vettel as the race neared its end. The only question was whether the German’s tyres would hold on long enough. But the answer never came as the red flag flew. The situation resumed as before, but the cars all had fresh tyres. And the Spaniard came second.
Canada was a bad race as he was tipped off the track in a racing incident at the other wall (ie: not the Wall of Champions) and failed to finish the race. But since then things have been going well again.
Valencia – a dull race and he finished second. But then Britain came. At first Vettel led, but Alonso was fastest. While Red Bull messed up in the pit lane and Alonso overtook that way, he would probably have overtaken on-track as he had good pace and was far ahead of the others by the end. And Britain was happy not to see a certain German take the podium.
In Germany, he took part in the amazing three-way battle for the lead between himself, Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber. He didn’t win out, but it was another good race for himself and Ferrari. Finally in Hungary he was gifted third by Lewis Hamilton’s tyre mistake and spin. The last few races have been good for Fernando, but with Ferrari already getting stuck into their 2012 car, his end to the season may not be so strong.

Points: 145
Worst qualifying: 5
Best qualifying: 2
Worst finish: 7 (China)
Best finish: 1 (Britain)
Average difference: -1
Laps completed: 646/681 (95%)
Average race position: 3.73 (Best: 2.3 Britain; Worst: 6.3 China)


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