Summer day 25 – Charles Pic

Charles Pic – 3
This GP2 season has really been France’s year, and one of the shining French drivers is Charles Pic. He’s had two pole positions this year – one at Valencia when he ended up retiring from both races – and one in Germany where he came second in the feature race but retired from the sprint. His best weekend probably came at Monaco, when he finished 8th in the feature race which gave him pole for the sprint. It’s so hard to overtake at the track that he won. He also won the Barcelona feature race, but finished 19th in the sprint. So ups and downs for Charles Pic, who has been a good qualifier. He and his teammate Giedo van der Garde have been keeping Addax ahead of DAMS since the beginning of the season – two good drivers is better than one brilliant driver.

Points: 42
Best qualifying: 1
Worst qualifying: 12
Best finish: 1 (Barcelona feature, Monaco sprint)
Worst finish: 19 (Barcelona sprint)
Retirements: 3


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